Sushi Night

Who doesn’t love sushi, right? Well until several years ago, I didn’t. I didn’t hate it but I was not really a fan of it. All that changed when a friend initiated “The Sushi Night.” The idea was simple, get together with several friends and make sushi together at home. I joined them for the company and the memories but the sushi turned out incredible and I have been hooked ever since. We have continued the sushi night tradition, although it happens less and less frequently now. With with work, school, church and family commitments it can be hard to find a free evening that works for everyone.

But recently we were able to get together with about 15 friends to have our coveted sushi night. We spent about an hour and a half prepping the ingredients – cutting vegetables, cleaning and cutting fish, cooking the rice, finding everything we need, and making about 3 spontaneous grocery store trips – and another hour and a half to two hours actually making the rolls. After all that hard work we were finally ready to dig in and enjoy the fruits of our labor! And was it ever worth it. As good as our local Japanese restaurants are and as wonderful as their sushi is, nothing beats homemade. The sushi was incredible but the memories made that night are priceless.

Here are just some pictures of some of our rolls.

2012-07-21 20.23.10a

The insides!

2012-07-21 22.31.570092012-08-12 20.56.51


They were so delicious!

What are some of your favorite traditions or ways to spend time with friends?



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