Morning Hike

2013-10-22 10.31.35This morning after a rather long and boring class I finally had a chance to go on an impromptu hike which I haven’t been able to do in quite some time, so of course I seized my opportunity. The weather was right, still slightly chilly while the morning fog burned off but promising to be be warm in no time at all. Hiking in the morning is one of my favorite alone times, just being out by myself enjoying God’s wonderful creation. I love it.

I chose a beautiful, peaceful trail not far from my college, but since I was coming from school instead of home I took a different route than I usually take; boy was I surprised. My drive reminded me yet again of the dangers of living in Southern California fire country. As I drove I was greeted by signs all along the roadways posted by the Fire Department reminding me that I was entering a high fire danger zone. Burned out tree carcasses on the sides of the hills and the burned out remnants of a wrought iron gate greeted me. A surprising reminder that our hills are still recovering from a fire that devastated them and burned 200 homes nearly 5 years ago. Most people have rebuilt, some moved on selling their piece of land and the slab that was left of their home, but mother nature is still recovering from the carelessness of people.

As I got to the trail I discovered about two dozen cars taking all the possible parking spots within a half mile of the trail head, so I parked and walked up a rather pretty street, a street where all traces of past wildfires were gone. I enjoyed a very quiet and rather short 3.5 mile hike meeting few people along the way. I spent a glorious hour breathing fresh air, hearing nothing but the chirping of birds and the rustling of lizards, rabbits and gophers in the fallen leaves. And than it was back to reality! As much as I didn’t want to leave the sun was burning down on me and the phone in my hand angrily vibrating, reminding me that I had places to be and people to see.


The road leading to the trail.


This bridge right at the head of the trail was built in 1919 and it is still standing strong!



The creek, with the exception of a few nasty pools like this one, is completely dried out. Hoping, waiting for the winter rains to come soon.



I love this place!


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