What He Said to the EMT


I saw you before and I’m not sure you remember the time,
I think it was the day I lost my mind.
Did you know you were standing in gas that day?
It was like I was watching you from so far away.
I wasn’t though; I was in the driver’s seat holding her hand.
I can still remember the music from that great live band.
We had so much fun at the night club the night before.
I remember you trying so hard to pry open her door.
We were out with all our friends and having so much fun.
I was having a great time drinking beers shotgun.
She was so beautiful with her hair hanging down.
I met you on our way back into town.
You were the one who was holding her head.
You kept shouting to the others, “This one’s not dead.”
I asked her to marry me and she cried out yes!
It was to be the grandest wedding in history, I guess.
I heard her whisper to me one last thought,
Then for her last breath she fought.
She whispered that she was pregnant with my child,
You overheard her and you went wild.
I watched you try to save the baby and her.
I know you remember and it’s not just a blur.
The other car was on fire and you didn’t see it start.
You were standing in gas and pumping her heart.
I look over to the other car that I hit broadside.
Oh, I remember thinking there were kids inside.
Suddenly I knew that one was dead and one was going.
You were so damn brave; no fear was showing.
Another one of your kind pulled me out fast,
When they said get away you heard them last.
The car exploded and you were still holding her head.
Everyone thought that you were dead.
You were burned so badly and it was at my hand.
I went back to the site and found her gold band.
In court last week the judge set me free once more.
The total of families ruined was four.
So here again it’s you I meet;
Very same spot, on the same street.
You are all scarred, that’s how I knew it was you.
I deserve to die and you know it’s true.
Please make them stop screaming so loud.
Oh great, look, now there’s a crowd.
I did it again; another drunk caused a wreck.
This time there are six with no vitals to check.

By: Sierra Waters



Think BEFORE you drink, because no drink is worth the mourning after. Please don’t drink and drive.


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