This past week has been absolutely crazy! Between planning a get together, my sister’s anniversary, having several essays to write, and getting seriously sick; I’ve been worn out!

I’ll start from the beginning. Last Saturday my friends and I got together for a girls night. It was a blast but it sure did require a lot of work. You see we like to do off beat kind of stuff. So this time we decided to have a photography night! Yay! (Sarcasm)
Disclaimer: I hate having my picture taken! With a passion!

But since my friends loved the idea, I put my personal feelings aside and got down to business. I do enjoy planning and doing stuff! While the discussion topics and food prep fell to other ladies, I drew the short stick of having to plan and decorate everything. Long story short, with a lot of hard work and a ton of planning everything went off without a hitch! Yay! I love it when plans work out!
We had a beautiful photo booth (if I do say so myself) with a ton of awesome props! And everyone enjoyed getting their hair and makeup done.
As a side note: I am now seriously intrigued by cosmetology. Maybe I should be a hair stylist?!?!?

Sunday happened to be my sister and brother-in-law’s 12th anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. So while I baby-sat their kids (all 5 of them) they went out for a nice quiet dinner.

Then I had to get down to serious business, I had essays due Tuesday morning! Procrastinators unite … Tomorrow! Yeah, I did have like 3 weeks to write all three of my essays but in true Ukrainian fashion I left them all for the very last minute. Us Ukrainians are expert procrastinators, you know! So I spent most of Monday writing my essays and dealing with a major headache and a developing stomach ache. But by Monday evening my stomach ache developed into a full blown (pun intended) stomach flu. I have not felt that sick in ages! But I am a dedicated student (yeah, right) so after hugging the toilet half the night I woke up at 5AM (what is wrong with me), took a shower and went to school! The day sucked like no other but with a lot of Pepto Bismol, Gatorade and water I survived it.


So now with all that behind me I am in planning mode again. I have my dad’s 60th birthday party to plan this week, family Thanksgiving dinner to figure out, Christmas parties to plan, and then make a Christmas play come together! And still do the everyday stuff that needs to get done. I am tired just thinking about it, but I guess that is the life of a woman. I am just thankful to have had a quiet day today before having to take on the world.


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