Ukrainian Salsa (Аджика)


Adjica (salsa) is one of my favorite things in the world. I will add it to mashed potatoes, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, soups, and just about anything else. This is one of those recipes that makes a ton of salsa. I can it and have it in hand for whenever I may want it.

This recipe makes about 10-12 mason jars of salsa. I would definitely recommend you half or even quarter it, especially the first time that you make it.

2 kg bell peppers
2-3 kg tomato
1 cup garlic
2 kg green apples
1 cup sugar
4-5 spicy peppers (jalapeños, habanero, chillies)
100 gram salt
150 gram oil
150 gram vinegar
Parsley or cilantro to taste


1) Grind the bell peppers, tomatoes, apples, spicy peppers, and garlic on a meat grinder or food processor. It should all be the consistency of salsa.

2) Transfer into a large pot and add the oil, sugar, salt, vinegar and parsley.

3) Bring to a light boil. Once the salsa is boiling reduce to low heat and cook for 20 minutes.
*your entire house will smell like jalapeños and habaneros for days.


4) Once the salsa is cooked ladle it into mason jars, close them and set aside. Wait for the lids to pop up and then leave overnight to cool before moving into storage.


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